Palm Cove is a tropical oasis for adult guests only!  Relax in the hot tub where the water is roughly 99-101 degrees!

Rules and Restrictions

  • There are no height restrictions for this attraction.

  • Swimming and splashing in the spa is not permitted.

  • Do not use spa alone.

  • Guests should not stay in the spa longer than 15 minutes at a time. Staying in longer can result in drowsiness, nausea, or fainting.

  • Guests under the influence of alcohol are not permitted to use the spa.

  • Guests taking tranquilizers or other drugs that cause drowsiness & high/low blood pressure should not use the spa.

  • No running, jumping, horseplay, or diving into the spa.

  • Maximum capacity is 17 adults.

  • No food or drinks permitted in the spa.

  • Enter & Exit only at the designated areas.

  • We STRONGLY recommend that pregnant women do not use the spa.

  • Small children should not use the spa.

  • Guests with heart disease, diabetes, high/low blood pressure should not use the spa unless under advice of a physician.

  • Maximum depth of 3 ft.

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