Its origin is as mysterious as the treasure that it hides. Riders will float through the story of Uncle Lee Wally and his rag tag crew as they sail to find buried treasure! Could it be found in skull cave? As the gentle currents carry riders through the river, unexpected spray and water features will surprise riders around every turn!

Rules and Restrictions

  • Guests must be over 46” tall in bare feet to participate without restrictions.

  • Guests between 42” and 46” must wear a lifejacket to participate.

  • Guests under 42” tall must wear a lifejacket AND be accompanied by an adult.

  • Walking & swimming in the river are not permitted. Guests must stay on an inner tube while participating.

  • No running, jumping, horseplay or diving into the river.

  • No more than 2 guests on a double inner tube.

  • No more than one guest on a single inner tube.

  • Single tubes are rated for guest 250 lbs or less.  Double tubes are rated for a weight of 400 lbs, single or double riders.

  • Do not form human chains or barricades in the river.

  • Enter & Exit only at the designated areas.

  • For your safety, riders must be able to demonstrate upper torso control and the ability to maintain both a seated posture and center of gravity.

  • We recommend that you do not participate in the Lost River if you have back, neck, or head injuries, heart trouble, high blood pressure, or if you have had recent surgery.

  • Women who are or might be pregnant also should not participate.

  • The Lost River is handicapped accessible.

  • Maximum depth of 3 ft. 9 in.

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