This three story structure brings together every member of the family. Ten platforms and nearly 50 interactive play features will keep all hands on deck. Two body slides and a 1,000 gallon dumping bucket will provide the perfect thrill for young adventurers.

Rules and Restrictions

  • There are no height restrictions for this attraction.

  • No hanging or swinging from ropes.

  • No climbing on ropes or hand rails.

  • Remove lifejacket, jewelry, sandals, aqua socks, glasses and goggles before riding.

  • Swimwear with metal buttons, rivets or zippers are not permitted on slides.

  • No head first sliding, rotating, tumbling, standing, kneeling or stopping on slides.

  • One rider may enter the slide at a time. No doubles or human chains.

  • At the end of the slide, exit the run out quickly and carefully. Catching a rider is not permitted.

  • No food or drinks.

  • We recommend that you do not participate in Buccaneer Bay if you have back, neck, or head injuries, heart trouble, high blood pressure, or if you have had recent surgery.

  • Women who are or might be pregnant also should not participate.

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